Monday, September 22, 2014

Wear Red Day

The two Big Reds(Cate Coghlan and Katie O'Leary) get ready to take pictures with Students on Tuesday

Big Red looks for his next photo opportunity.
 Tuesday September 16th proved to be a day full of school spirit with the Cardinal in the Plaza! Students were encouraged to wear red  on Tuesday of Cardinal Days.

Cardinal Days is a week in September similar to what homecoming week would be like at a high school.

“We started Cardinal Day’s because people were sick of not having a homecoming,” says Lance Thompson, director of student activities. “It is just another week like Welcome Week, to keep people interested and excited with back to back to back events.”
Saint Mary's University student, Marwan Albalawi, takes a selfie with the Cardinals

Two cardinals showed up in the Plaza that afternoon, Cate Coghlan and Katie O’Leary decided to help out the Student Activities Committee by volunteering their time to bring some school spirit and cheer to the plaza.

“My favorite part of being in the cardinal costume is seeing how excited everyone gets when they see Big Red in the plaza,” said Saint Mary’s University senior, Cate Coghlan.
Despite not having any home games for any sport, students still took part in activities and had a lot of fun.
Other events from the week included: Baggage, Comedian Pete Lee, Surprise! Volleyball, Open Mic Night, the Dolla Dance, a showing of 22 Jump Street and a trip to a Twin’s game!
“We used to spend a lot more money on this week, but we found out that students still participate and have fun without spending a lot of money,” said Thompson.

“It is a great sense of school spirit, despite it being extremely hot in the costume, I would definitely do it again,” said Coghlan.
Saint Mary's University senior, Katie Stein, poses with the Cardinal.

Big Red takes a moment to pose for the camera.

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